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Newsletter August 2014

Continuing Professional Development – It’s Audit Time!

Audits for continuing professional development (CPD) have begun and the Dental Council must be satisfied that oral health practitioners maintain their competence.


The current Dental & Oral Health Therapist CPD cycle is four years (1 January 2014 to 31 December 2017) during which 60 verifiable hours must be completed along with 8 hours of peer contact sessions.


Even if you work part-time, are registered & non-practicing, or on retention you must still meet the CPD requirements.


If you are registered in more than one scope of practice, e.g. orthodontic auxiliary & dental therapy, you only need to complete the CPD requirements with the greater number of hours- i.e. dental therapy.


Regardless of whether you are practicing overseas, if you are registered in NZ you have to comply with the NZ requirements.


For a guide on how-to record your CPD, view your CPD report, register for events and apply for verifiable CPD, click here.

More Than 12,000 to Strike

In what is being called the sector’s biggest industrial strike action in decades, health workers have voted in favour of strike action in response to pay negotiations with district health boards.


The strike includes mental and public health nurses, physiotherapists, anaesthetic technicians, dental therapists and administrative staff. Read the full story.


Fluoridation Issue a “Dead Horse”

According to a Whanganui District Health Board member, a wider approach needs to be taken to dental health- other than fluoridation. “… I’m not sure that [having fluoride added to drinking water] is a battle that can ever be won - there will always be opposition to it” Judith MacDonald of the Whanganui DHB said.


The statement comes after the Local Government New Zealand Conference last month, where the council leaders voted to pass responsibility for fluoridation to the government.


Fluoride has been a hot topic for councils and it seems they are keen now to pass the issue to the Ministry of Health, with local referendums proving costly. One has only to look at Rotorua where they may soon have to pay $100,000 for a referendum on whether fluoride should be introduced to the district's water supplies.

NZDOHTA are meeting with the Ministry of Health next week. Contact us if you think there is something we should be raising with them in regards to fluoride.


Sterilisation Programme – Stakeholder Survey

The sterilising technology qualifications are being reviewed and our profession has been identified as having a possible interest in this process- many of us are users of sterilisers and provide guidance to users of sterilisers.


Your feedback will assist in the review to ensure that the qualifications remain relevant and fit well with the industry. The survey is available here and will close midnight Wed 13th August.


Have You Got Your Dental Matters Certificate?

If you haven’t received your attendance certificate for our most recent conference, contact us and we’ll email it out to you.