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Newsletter October 2014

NZDOHTA 2015 Conference Deferred

This year's conference was an outstanding success. The Conference Committee did a great job getting the best speakers, at a wonderful venue and with a sensational social programme.

We have been asking ourselves - how can we top that? And the answer is we don’t think we can (in the short term).  That’s why the Board are creating a “super team” of the very best conference organisers to plan and execute the next conference. It’s going to take a bit more time which is why we wont hold a Conferernce in 2015. We will do it in 2016 instead.

Wellington will be the place for the 2016 Conference – we will let you know the dates before the end of the year.

Dentists dismiss new research claiming tooth decay declining

Dentists are disputing new research claiming tooth decay is declining in New Zealand, saying it is not giving the full picture. Listen to the story here.


Elite athletes have bad teeth - Study

A report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine claims the dental health of the world's top professional sportsmen and women is on a par with non-athletes living in poor communities who can't afford to regularly visit a dentist. Read the full report here.


Your Journal Should be Arriving Soon

Make sure you keep an eye out for your hardcopy of the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Dental and Oral Health Therapy. They've been sent out and should be in your mailbox very soon.