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Newsletter September 2014

Two Sugars Please

Whether you’re partial to a bit of sugar in your diet or not, you’ll find the recent episode of Nigel Latta’s six-part documentary series particularly thought provoking. Watch the episode here.


Rob Beaglehole, Principal Dental Officer for the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board, features in this episode. He talks to Nigel about the damaging effects excessive soft drink consumption has on pre-schoolers, a reality we know only too well.


If you haven't already, head on over to the FIZZ website for information on their position on sugary drinks and to access their policy recommendations.

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Board Position

There is currently a vacant Board position and we are taking expressions of interest for this role. The Board has asked members who are interested to enquire, but only once having read through the roles and responsibilities of the Board. They are outlined in the Governance Handbook, available here. For more information, please call 04 473 9547 or email us.


Health Effects of Water Fluoridation – “No Adverse Effects”

Scientific evidence from a recent report has found fluoridation levels in New Zealand created no health risks and provided protection against tooth decay. 


The report, ‘Health effects of water fluoridation: A review of the scientific evidence’, was vigorously reviewed by local and international medical experts. They conclude that the scientific evidence does not support issues raised by those opposed to fluoride.   For the media release and to access the report, visit the Royal Society of New Zealand link here.


Searching for a Job? We Might Have Something!

If you’re on the hunt for an exciting new opportunity, our Classifieds may serve you well.

We regularly receive requests from employers asking to advertise on their behalf for dental therapists and hygienists.  The NZ Dental & Oral Health Therapists’ Association perceives this service as a major benefit to members. Make sure you access the Classifieds section as often as you can and encourage your employer to use this service as well.


CPD Pricing Policy

Do you have regular branch/division meetings? Following discussion around pricing arrangements for educational events, the Board has determined a policy for pricing branch CPD meetings.


If you are a non-member and want to attend an NZDOHTA event with CPD hours attached, you will be charged attendance fee of $30.00 (+ GST), on top of any fee being charged by the hosting branch/division.


We encourage you to get your next regional meeting/event set up via the website – it’s so easy! All you need to do is send the information through to Ropeti. He’ll set the event up on the website and email all the members in your area. On the day of the event, an attendance register will be sent to you (the organiser), so you know who’s coming.  It’s just one of the ways we can take the administrative hassle out of coordinating events, so you can make the most of your professional development and more importantly, have fun!


The Board have also established a new policy for CPD applications. Non-members applying for CPD verification will now be charged an administration fee of $150 (+ GST).

If you are a member though, don’t worry! Member applications for CPD verification will remain free.  If you have any questions, please contact Ropeti on 04 473 9547.